Our Mission

Our Mission

To operate a youth community center, providing social and academic skills for our students. Provide necessary tools and referrals for all our youth, focussing on more intense services and activities for at-risk youths. The Krystal Williams Foundation prohibits discrimination.


Having the Krystal Williams Youth Center will add another outlet for providing a positive atmosphere for our students. The youth center will permit better choices and functions for parents and students. It will create a good relationship between parents, students, officials and the community. Our purpose and reality are to have our students doing positive things so they can become productive members of our society.


“The Krystal Williams Youth Center can and will be open with help and support from everyone.” -Krystal Williams Foundation

The Krystal Williams Youth Center will create many programs and support others on an as-needed basis. Our safety-zone program has yet to be placed into action but appears to be very popular with parents. The program called “safety-zone” will allow parents and relatives to call the youth center and confirm their teens or students are in attendance. Receive all arrival and departure sign-in, sign-out times. Safety-zone will do a vital documentation and create a solid timeline for each enrolled student or at-risk youth. We feel this is a vital program and will provide great safety benefits for our entire community. Upon orientation, safety-zone will be presented as a part of each families packet. We will not only follow and document timelines but also observe the progress of each youth and offer advance placement projects via work-study, computers and leadership events. The safety-zone is a vital project and we have been assured by collaborating with other groups and agencies for their much-needed accessibility and guidance. Being the new kid on the block keeps the foundation seeking many avenues for support, suggestions, and recommendations.