Students and the youth of our community will have a center that will provide a safe and secure atmosphere. They can attend after school and during their summer vacations, holidays and weekends. Clayton County does not have any center at the present time. This is why we shall continue to seek out our objectives. We know it will have a greater impact on the lives of our youth. We shall assist them to head in the anti-violence and drug-free path. This foundation is making a statement, we want to bring the best out in our youth while providing that safe environment.


Krystal Williams Foundation has set goals to help our society and community to become a safer place to live. To inform parents and students alike, there are other choices besides drugs, gangs, and violence. That with this future youth center, it will be available to our students with little or no charge. Our community links, parental involvement and your help, we are going to make it happen real soon

Our goals will continue to be highlighted on our website. The focus is intervention and prevention, with that speakers and perspective stars will come to spend quality time with our youths. There will be many field trips and educational seminars. The foundation seeks to provide guidance, structure and lots of exciting adventures for the youth in the Clayton County community. We would like for you to consider your family to be a part of our goals.


The Krystal Williams Foundation takes an oath to resolve all concerns and issues in a timely fashion, if at all possible. We will work to assist and resolve any questionable concerns. The youth center and the foundation will not remain a part of any issues that hinder or block the view of its goals. The foundation is a 501-C-3 tax exempt organization established in 2005 by the family and friends of the late Krystal Williams.


The Krystal Williams Foundation is a recreational and educational vehicle for the youths in Clayton County, Georgia. In no ways, means, fashion or form do we wish to duplicate or compete with another program. We wish to work hand in hand thus pulling all our efforts into the same direction. This project is made of determination and today we take the initiative to move forward against all the negatives trying to consume our youths.

We invite you to open your hearts and resources, we challenge you to get involved today. The Krystal Williams Foundation hopes to receive full community support with future funding from federal and local grants. Your much-needed donations will be tremendously appreciated and used directly for the youth center in Clayton County.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, board member or future staff member, please contact us at:

Krystal Williams Foundation
P.O. Box 960592
Riverdale, GA. 30296